Mark Emery

A little something about Mark.......

No matter what your situation there is always a way forward.

I believe that we all have a capacity to understand and resolve difficult experiences and feelings. I will work in partnership with you to explore any issues you wish to bring in a safe and nurturing space, in a spirit of supportive openness.

I will be non-judgmental, inclusive and accepting of diversity, seeking to facilitate a journey of discovery and change unique to you.

This shared journey may be a gradual process where we reflect not just on the present but also the past. We are each at any moment the sum total of our personal histories and understanding our past experiences can help us to take control of the present and find creative solutions to current problems. I am open to working with whatever issues you wish to bring.

Sometimes in our work there will be sudden moments of insight. At other times it will be a slower process of gentle reflection and growing awareness.


  • I completed my three year training as a psychodynamic counsellor in 1995.
  • I have extensive experience of working with adults in a local counselling agency.
  • I am a Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.


  • I have 18 years experience working in NHS mental health services, providing support and encouragement to adults and adolescents. The last 5 of which I spent supporting young people
    experiencing psychosis, including working alongside their families.
  • I have experience of working in a family therapy reflective team providing direct therapeutic support to families and disaffected teenagers.
  • I also have 18 years experience working with adults with learning difficulties and their families in supportive and training roles.
  • I presently work with separated parents and their children for CAFCASS and provide community support to families and children in crisis, some of whom are looked after children. I have
    a special interest in using spontaneous and creative play as a medium for therapeutic work for children.

I am committed to continuing professional development including completion of the following courses:

  • Early Intervention In Psychosis Module Level 3 2011.
  • Working With Personality Disorder KUF Awareness Level 2014
  • Solihull Approach Foundation Course (covers parenting of younger children) 2016.